I shared my views on the hostage crisis in Gaza with Anna Botting of Sky News on Sunday 15 October. Like so many, I watch the unfolding events with dread and find the whole situation heart breaking. I hope that sharing my expertise in hostage taking can bring some clarity and insight to this difficult and complex situation. To speak to Anna, with the smoke of Gaza in the background, was poignant. Who knows what’s happening back there, how the hostages are coping.

While the situation is perilous, we must maintain hope. I have seen hostages walk out of the most dreadful of circumstances. Stranger things have happened. For the families, hope is what they have and must cling onto. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through.

My expertise is hostage taking, so I am limiting my commentary to this aspect of a much bigger set of events. I am not commenting on the war, the humanitarian crisis or broader diplomatic efforts, because I believe it is important we hear from real experts. It’s too important to speculate. My lack of words on those issues don’t mean I don’t consider them to be important.

You can watch my interview here.