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I work with clients in the private and non-profit sectors in the UK, US and Europe, offering clear, focused and practical solutions on a consultancy and interim basis. I love working with organizations at a point of transition, where fresh thinking, new knowledge, comparative data and hands-on change management support will take them from good to great. I have considerable experience working with corporate security departments, based on my report, The Business of Resilience.

Management and leadership

I have two decades experience managing and leading teams. I have built two organizations from the ground up, Hostage International and Hostage US.

The Business of Resilience – solutions for corporate security leaders

My report, The Business of Resilience, is regarded as the blueprint for effective corporate security management. I have provided consultancy services to multinational corporations and international NGOs on how to structure their security functions to meet this vision.

I have been brought in by organizations, like Moonshot CVE, as an interim leader through a period of growth.

My services

What I do depends on what you need. My services include:

Competitor analysis: to help you understand who is out there, what they are doing, how they are regarded and what you can learn from them.

Benchmarking: done in collaboration with your competitors, a benchmarking study allows you to look in greater detail and allows an opportunity for dialogue and learning with those in your sector or professional group. I have led benchmarking studies for the Security Departments of numerous multinational corporations to help them achieve the standards outlined in The Business of Resilience.

Special projects: sometimes you have a project or task that either you don’t have the capacity to run within your team, or where an external trusted contact can bring fresh and focused attention. I offer a range of consultancy services.

Strategic review: every 2-3 years, organizations and teams need to take stock and craft new goals to keep them moving forward. I work with clients to manage the whole or part of this process and bring challenge and motivation in equal measure.

Interim leadership: I step into roles when a period of reflection, gear change or renewal is needed. Whether interim CEO roles in non-profits or senior leadership roles in the private sector, I offer clarity of focus, swift relationship building skills, strong influencing capabilities, and experience seeing through bold change quickly and effectively.

Facilitation: I facilitate meetings, events, retreats, away days and processes for organizations and teams who want focus and clarity, a constructive and engaging process and tangible deliverables.

Get in touch: if you’d like to discuss how I can help, email me at rachel@rachelbriggs.org

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