Rachel Briggs OBE

I believe that ordinary people change the world

I have seen first-hand the ways that ordinary people are impacted by insecurity – whether hostages, victims of terrorism and crime, or refugees fleeing war zones. My own family has been impacted; my uncle was kidnapped by the ELN when he was working as an engineer in Colombia in 1996. Foreign and security policy matters – it is not an abstract. Real people bear the scars of poor decision making.

I have also seen first-hand how ordinary people make a difference – I joined with former hostage, Terry Waite, when he, Carlo Laurenzi and a wider group of fellow former hostages and families formed Hostage UK. Years later, the families of Americans murdered by ISIS in 2014 pressured their government to review its approach to hostage taking, bringing about a massive change to US policy and practices.

I was the first Director of Hostage UK and then relocated to Washington DC in 2015 to found and run Hostage US.

I have spent two decades influencing policy, shaping security strategies for multinational corporations and shining a light on the ways ordinary people are impacted by insecurity and ensuring their voices are at the heart of our responses. I seek out bold but realistic solutions and enjoy rolling my sleeves up to help make change happen in practice.

I am an experienced writer, analyst and researcher who has helped governments, corporations and non-profit organizations around the world to make sense of the changing security environment and how best to respond through policy and programs.

For media and book enquiries, please contact Northbank Talent: info@northbanktalent.com / +44 (0) 20 3973 0837

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