Rachel Briggs OBE

I believe that ordinary people change the world

I am Founding Executive Director of Hostage US, a non-profit organization that supports American hostages and their families through this terrifying and life changing ordeal.

I relocated to the United States in 2015 to stand up and run Hostage US after helping to establish and then run Hostage UK. The world’s first hostage support organization, it was founded by Terry Waite and Carlo Laurenzi and a wider group of former hostages and family members of which I am proud to have played my part. I was compelled to this mission after having had a family member kidnapped in Colombia in 1996 and held for seven months.

I am an experienced writer, analyst and researcher who spent a decade and a half in a number of think tanks helping governments, corporations and non-profit organizations around the world to make sense of the changing security environment and how best to respond through policy and programs.

I have seen first-hand the ways that ordinary people are impacted by insecurity – whether hostages, victims of terrorism and crime, or refugees fleeing war zones. Through my work, writings and advocacy I hope to shine a light on their suffering and offer solutions that are realistic and long-lasting.

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