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the awful wisdom of the hostage

The former hostage has had the very foundation of their beliefs, assumptions and priorities upended. Working out who you are, what matters, and processing the regrets you’ve allowed to surface – that’s a piece of the reintegration puzzle we need to talk about more.

we are bellingcat: an intelligence agency for the people

Bellingcat have been key players in solving puzzles related to some of the most important intelligence challenges of the last decade; chemical attacks in Syria, the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over the Ukraine and the Salisbury poisonings, to name just a few.

Do they replace our intelligence agencies? No, of course not. Should they make those agencies think again about what’s possible and how to make the most of open source data? Absolutely.

the joy of burnout

I’ve just finished The Joy of Burnout: How the end of the world can be a new beginning by Dr Dina Glouberman. I didn’t agree with every word, but it was refreshing to get a positive take on something so debilitating, and becoming more common.

Bringing Americans Home 2020

The James W Foley Legacy Foundation has launched its second annual review of US Government handling of hostages cases. Bringing Americans Home 2020 is based on interviews with 25 people with direct experience of hostage taking or wrongful detention, both those… Read More ›