Dear President Biden, You’re right that the soul of the nation was on the ballot. Here are five commitments you should make to hostages and their families to show you are serious about protecting Americans and reestablishing US leadership in the world

Throughout the Presidential campaign, you told us this the soul of the nation was on the ballot. As President, your most important job is to protect Americans. How you treat American hostages and their families will tell us a lot about your values as Commander in Chief.

Bringing Americans Home 2020

The James W Foley Legacy Foundation has launched its second annual review of US Government handling of hostages cases. Bringing Americans Home 2020 is based on interviews with 25 people with direct experience of hostage taking or wrongful detention, both those… Read More ›

happy birthday FARC

On Tuesday, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) turns 50. Formed by Pedro Antonio Marin Marin aka Marulanda on 27 May 1964, they have been embroiled in one of South America’s deadliest battles for control of the land, the… Read More ›